Audio Clips

I provide quality audio recordings for Boom Decks™, Google Slides™, and Seesaw resources!

Why Should I Use Audio in My Digital Resources?

  • Including audio in your digital resources and assignments helps to increase comprehension and create a more collaborative learning environment for students.

  • Making audio available for your learning resources can make all the difference when it comes to student engagement.

  • Including audio provides yet another option for teachers like you to integrate technology into your lessons, and meet the needs of students at various learning levels.

  • It is useful for kindergarten students who are working on letter sounds, reading fluency, and vocabulary.

My goal is to listen, learn, and deliver the best audio possible. Here is what my clients are saying:

"Kisha is such a professional! Her attention to detail truly shows with the way she emails, her work, and just the overall experience with her. She has been recording audio clips and they are PERFECTION! Her turnaround time is always a lot faster than I was expecting. I highly recommend that if you see that she's offering a service that you need, you will won't be disappointed."

-Keri Brown

"Kisha is my right-hand woman for all things audio! She is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's professional, prompt, and understands exactly what I am needing. All of her audio recordings are crisp and clear! Not to mention, Kisha's voice is like the kind from a children's audio storybook. Many teachers have written to me to say thank you for providing such high-quality audio in my resources. This is because of Kisha's high-quality work. Working with Kisha has made the transition to digital resources much, much smoother and enjoyable. Thank you, Kisha!"

-Lyndsey Kuster


$30 per hour*

*if this rate does not fit your budget or you would prefer a flat rate for your entire project, please use the form below to contact me so we can discuss your options.